Vajra Satellite Communications India Pvt.Ltd  offers Broadband solutions for both Business and Home Users,which can now be bought in UNLIMITED way as you go.
With connectivity pre-installed at all major event locations, we are equipped to serve you with plug and play connectivity.

Vajra Satellite Communications India Pvt. Ltd Fiber also supplies Internet & equipment to Wireless ISPs, Wireless Internet Bandwidth to Colleges and Corporates with customized service solution for clients.

For Home Users

Vajra Satellite Communications India Pvt. Ltd sets up for home users with a modem less technology to benefit the customer with zero investment on customer side

  • >High-speed direct FIBER Internet to home
  • Power back up during power cuts
  • Wi-Fi on demand Configuration
  • Support & Service
  • Door to door bill collection

For Business Users

Vajra Satellite Communications India Pvt. Ltd provides high speed Fiber Internet for Business needs with reliable Internet access allowing you to deliver business communications.

From simply sending and receiving email, to sourcing information, to conducting online transactions for your business needs to have a high quality connection. And to achieve such quality of service we have dedicated services.

  • Customized solutions to business needs.
  • Providing dedicated leased FIBER lines straight to your office
  • Also offer backup in the form of back up line in case the primary connection fails
  • Dedicated Customer Support & Service
  • Bill collection at your office

For Communities

Vajra Satellite Communications India Pvt. Ltd FIBER  gives property developers a unique solution that helps create a truly smart community by providing direct fiber internet to every home in the community.

  • High-speed direct FIBER Internet in every apartment / home
  • Wi-Fi for the township
  • Power backup during power cuts
  • Dedicated Onsite Support
  • Door to Door bill collection
  • Ideal For Gated Communities & Townships